Kömbe Cookies

We are homesick a little bit these days. Maybe because of repeatedly changing weather conditions is affecting my psychology or couldn’t go to there last 2 years. During these times I always want to cook / bake something special that reminds me of my home.

Kömbe cookies are special in Antakya cuisine and are made at every special event, especially for Ramadan or any other holiday. This special holidays you can smell around the streets this delicous cookies. People prepare hundreds of this and send to bake them to the streets bakery. Baking at home also easy but if you can bake them in the wooden oven why not.

In fact, people in that area prepare most meals at home and then send them to the neighborhood oven. It’s a tradition and affect the taste, gives more intense flavour to all the meals.

Let’s talk more about the cookies.

First you need the special Kömbe wooden molds. Every mold has delicate designs. If you want to purchase one handmade mold you can find them in Antakya Uzun Çarşı.

You have the molds and now you need also the special spice mixture. Normally you can find easily this spice mixture in everywhere in Southeastern Turkey. But ofcourse you can prepare also yourself. This special blend contains cinnamon, ground ginger, mahaleb, allspice, nutmeg, mastic gum, ground cloves. Maybe now you can understand more why you can smell the cookies in everywhere.

Then you are free to fill the Kömbe cookies as you wish. Walnuts, dates, dried figs … After preparing the dough, the fun part begins; give the shapes. Usually this part needs all family members not only to finish quickly but also to connect with each other. It’s really a good, quality family time. You’re making hundreds of and listening long family stories.

And while waiting for the baked cookies, you can start boiling the tea and enjoying the delicious scent.

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