About Us

We are SUMAK

Our path crossed with the love of cooking in Eindhoven…

Ayşegül and Merve, we worked in different business sectors for more than 5 years in Turkey.
 We are two friends who settled in Eindhoven with our husbands in 2017 and met with each other.
We decided to follow our dreams. We worked at the same professional kitchen for about 2.5 years and gained valuable experience there.
 At the beginning of 2021, we established our own company SUMAK.

Why freshly frozen food?

Sometimes there is no time to prepare a meal in the rush of daily life.
We want to have homemade food and sometimes we just don’t have time or patience for long preparation stages. Having a ready to cook meal in your freezer, maybe with only a salad or soup will save the day.

We are there for you

We prepare our products raw or pre-cooked and then seal them immediately. After labeling we place them directly in the freezer.